Monday, July 6, 2020

F.A.N - "Stay In"

At the beginning of march 2020 I had this "groundbreaking" idea of writing a Corona-themed song (surprisingly 91763537281 artists had this idea as well) which I wanted to be a motivating, happy song to encourage everyone to stay at home in order to keep themselves, and everyone else, safe. I immediately knew who to ask for help to bring this idea to life and this is how Frido and Niki joined in. Special thanks also go to Michi for this SICK video, Lilli for these amazing keys and Valentin for the great mastering! 
Now, 4 months later, we are ready to publish this baby. I know we are kinda late with publishing a song about Corona, but I like to think of it as song in memory of a crazy and weird time (and with the numbers rising in some countries again, it may not be a bad idea for them to listen to this song). 
Stay safe everyone! 

Astrid Hirzberger - Vocals, Songwriting
Niki Waltersdorferdorfer - Drums, Organ, Guitar, Backing Vocals 
Fridolin Krenn - Mixing, Producing, Bass, Backing Vocals and everything else
Lilli Seitinger - Keys
Valentin Hasebe - Mastering
Michael Frankenstein - Video

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SARS-CoV-2, clearly not the best thing for me and you 
more than 900 000 cases and numbers rising in all places 
me and you are probably not people who get sick from this bitch 
which doesn't mean you should go outside and put others at risk 
'cause all you gotta do is 

STAY IN, gotta stay in baby 

going outside and attending Corona parties 
doesn't show that you are strong and nothing can stop your flow 
it only shows that you are a stupid egoist who would rather put 
other people's health at risk even though you know 
that all you gotta do is 

STAY IN, gotta stay in baby 

I know you might be asking yourself now 
what am I supposed to do at home? 
well let me tell you 
there are so many things that don't require leaving your cave 
reading a book, learning how to play chess,  
finally sewing that hole in your dress, 
video chatting with all your loved ones, 
cleaning your room that's been dirty for months, 
dancing your ass off to whatever comes next, 
decluttering your laptop from photos of your ex, 
finally getting into drawing again, 
or trying to sleep for as long as you can 
it's not that hard 
'cause all you gotta do is 

STAY IN, gotta stay in baby

Sunday, January 26, 2020


Oh hey!
This February, I'll have the honor to go on tour alongside two other amazing female artists, Caroleena and Nnella. 

The tour dates are below!
If you happen to be in any of theses cities, I would love to see you there.